Welcome to Magellan Tours and Cargo

Welcome to Magellan tours and cargo, our company offers you the finest tourism offers for amazing trips in UAE and all around the world. Our offers Characterized by the cheapest and best prices, in addition to the excellent travel services which make your trip unforgotten.

Dubai City

Dubai city tour, you cant miss this trip. we take you in a tour in Dubai and its beautiful and charming places. Enjoy spending wonderful times and taking photos, you wont forget this visit ever, then we will take you to Dubai shopping malls.

Visa provide

Bring your family & friends through Majelan with easy documentation and at affordable prices. Majelan provides online visa for tourists who wish to visit UAE. Now its very easy to get Dubai visa with Majelan.

Khasab Musandam

We take you to most wonderful two places in Oman, Khasab and Musandam. when the high mountains meets the sea. it is two of the most popular tourism spots in everyone’s itinerary.  

Dubai Desert

In our journey, First we will take you to the natural charming beauty in the United Arab Emirates, specifically the desert. The wonderful golden sand .. And the golden beautiful sun. You will enjoy sports and many wonderful events.